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Many people who aren't in perfect health assume they no longer qualify for life insurance. With the Graded Whole Life insurance policy, many individuals who are still living independently may qualify for a policy.

What is Farmers Graded Death Benefit Whole Life?

Graded Whole Life from Farmers New World Life Insurance Company is permanent life insurance for customers who are looking for guaranteed cash values and guaranteed level premiums with a lower face amount. With a simplified underwriting process, this policy could offer otherwise uninsurable individuals an opportunity to obtain permanent whole life coverage.

Why “Graded” Whole Life?

If the insured dies within the first two years after the policy is issued, a limited death benefit may be paid subject to the terms of the policy.

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Avoid becoming a burden to your loved ones

  • Prepare for Life's Final Expenses

    If you're between ages 45 and 80 and still living independently, you may qualify for up to $20,000 of permanent whole life insurance.

  • Easy Application Process

    If you're not in perfect health or if you've been turned down for life insurance before, it's not always easy to get. The simplified underwriting process requires no medical exam. Complete an easy application with only three health questions to determine eligibility.

  • Level Premiums

    Costs will never increase. Regardless of your age or health, your premium will never go up as long as your policy stays in force.

  • Cash Accumulation

    A useful feature of Graded Whole Life is that you can grow cash value within the policy. You may be able to borrow from your policy to cover unexpected expenses.

David Cox Insurance Agency

Make the smart choice

The last thing you want is for your family's personal tragedy to become a financial catastrophe. Farmers Graded Death Benefit Whole Life insurance may be an appropriate way to help you protect your loved ones' financial security. The difference between worrying about the future and preparing for the future is doing something about it today. Because the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead.

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